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Whether you're a first time home buyer or seasoned buyer I promise you - we'll have a good time! 

Buying a house is exciting & fun, so the process in finding that dream home should be fun too, right? Of course! 

In working with me you can expect almost an immediate communication response, meetings over food or coffee and introductions to highly regarded professionals in the industry.


I work with some of the BEST inspectors, contractors and lenders around - if we need something to happen, it will happen. 


First time home buyer? I have special perks for you too! I invite first time home buyers to have real-life Real Estate talk over dinner with me. 


Why BUY with me? Here are just a few reasons... 
1.connections to the best lenders in the industry
2.home inspection covered by me
3.QUICK response time (my phone only shuts down from 10pm-7am) 
4.trained in negotiation
5.area expert (Wasatch Front and Davis County)
6.proven strategies to help your offer stand out in a bidding war 
7.advice guided by FACTS and statistics on offer values
8.complimentary move-in clean
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